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About GameInfoTech

Gameinfotech is a game developing company with a sole purpose for its existence, and that is to develop great mobile games; games that people will love to play. Games are a dime a dozen, but great games that you want to keep playing long into the night, the ones that haunt your dreams; those games are a little hard to come by. Those are the types of games that Gameinfotech wants to develop specially for you, for our audience.

Quality and integrity is the core of each and every game that Gameinfotech develops, while also at the core of everything that Gameinfotech does and plans to do. It is what we at Gameinfotech pride ourselves on.

Each of our games is meticulously tested to ensure that it meets all of our quality benchmarks, and works flawlessly for the platform that it is designed for, whether that is Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Amazon Kindle, or something else.

In addition to this, we also try to make sure that our games meet the requirements and the expectations of our audience, the players, after all the games are designed specifically for them.

Purely fun games for the gamers, by the gamers.

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